My Utopia

Water Supply

Just like we have interstate highways and interstate oil pipes leading to every gas station on almost every street corner, we would solve our water supply issues with an interstate irrigation system.

The flood zone states would develop a drainage infrastructure capable of redirecting any flood water from the Mississippi and other regions into pipes that flowed to the dry states like Texas and Arizona. No more flooding and no more thirst.

The irrigation system could be built in the way FDR new deal programs worked, like the highways, except in a co-op, so that those who built it could own it and enjoy it. Never again would anyone kill another person over water. There would be no lack of it.

Instead of building military bases to stop insurrections in foreign countries, we would use that money to build the same irrigation infrastructure abroad as we would here so that there would be no water, and therefore no more food, to fight over, and those counties, like ours would soon see unprecedented prosperity.

Water is the number #1 problem to fix right now. Fortunately there is more water than land.

No More Jails

Jails don’t work. What can we say of ourselves that we lock up our elders and our disabled and our healthy young men who could go on to greatness? Is any drug a good excuse? What about victims of justice against victimless crimes? Political dissidents? Hactivists? Locking people away from the outside world are barbaric and cruel and unsual for any crime. It is the greater crime.

People who do bad things should not necessarily be punished for them. They should simply be prevented from doing them again. How do we do this? Not with prison, which creates more crime than it prevents. People who commit crimes are not criminals. They are people who commit crimes. If those people had a chance at life to begin with far fewer people would commit crimes. More to the point,  if we didn’t constantly make up more and more “crimes,” no one could commit them.

In my Utopia, we would have only the most basic bad things that hurt other people as things to stop or prevent, in the most kindly manner possible. The punishment should not fit the crime–there should be no punishment. Once someone offends another, it should be put to right without vengeance or vindictiveness with the best possible solution for first the victim and then the offender. In severe offenses, the offender can be given the choice of expatriation to any country that will accept that person.

Now, if a person has the inclination to kill, he should be given the right opportunity, on the front lines of battle. If he likes to steal, he should be paid handsomely for his skills against the Utopia’s enemies. If anyone likes to hurt kids, that person would be shot.

Laws and Debt

Both would be wiped out every ten years. Ten years is long enough for anybody to live with anything. I would include marriage contracts in this too, so people can see that absolutely nothing should really be till death do us part–not our government representatives, not the laws they pile on top of each other, not our debt. Everybody every ten years should have the chance to feel a little hopeful, even if we just go screw our lives up again.


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