My name is “Scotch” Jameson. Right now I live in a little town outside a big town in America. I am self-taught by birth.

This blog represents my first attempts at philosophy. Here I explore the desultory vagaries of idle hours and release the pent-up yowl from days of forced labor.

When we have arrived at a definitive, enlightened conclusion, it is time to reconsider. Enlightenment is the beginning of the Dark Ages. It isn’t that there aren’t any definitive answers; it’s just that there are no easy ones.

I love writing, art, music, philosophy, nature, history, math, etc. You may likely find all of these here. But my goal is that there will be something of myself you can squeeze out of it–something original.

New posts appear as sporadically as the jolts of eel-like inspiration that lead me to write them (though less frequent).  To see what I do in the meantime you might find my cartoons amusing @ workplacemonsters.com and greatlives.wordpress.com.

Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes, –Scotch.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the add. I’ll be stopping back to do some reading here – I can tell it’s not the usual short blogs that you don’t have to think about much (like mine), so it deserves some time. 🙂

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